Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vendor Booths - 53 - 72

Ringle Harvest Day - Saturday, October 12, 2013 -  8-3

We have several selling areas for our vendors in our little town.  This area is the grassy field that runs along the Mountain Bay Trial - you can easily get to these booths by walking on the mowed path between the parking lot and trail.

Tim & Amy Maas - primitives, antiques, sporting goods
                                  collectibles and misc.

Uffdahhh, LLC - metal signs

Nancy Harkbarth - pot holders, ghosts, doll blankets, diapers
                  snowmen and solar lights

Larry Stickney - CCDS - gifts, collectibles and old things

Calista Wendt - antiques, vintage, books, crafts, comic
                   books, pet supplies and clothing

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you want the "Ringle Soft Carmels or Grandma's Pickles" you better start here as they usually SELL OUT EARLY!

*Linda, Sharon, Laurie - You all know these booths.  They are             at the end of this field - this is where the "Ringle Soft
          Carmels" are.  They also have antiques, collectibles,
          misc. items - always good stuff

Rebecca Walker - 

Klare Yarish - vintage furniture, household items, some
                handmade crafts using repurposed buttons
                and neck ties.

*Gary Kickbusch - you all know this booth as well - it is                       where"Grandma's Pickles" are.  Vintage, books,                         Duck's Unlimited decanters, wide variety of items

Pat & Mike Krohn - misc. antiques, flea, collectibles

Sue Janz - Collectibles, jewelry games, rummage
   (this will be the first year without Dan.  We miss him! 
    read about him here:

Phil Rowell - hot wheels, machinist tools, Breyer Horses
                        other misc.

Donna & Bob Mather - Back Country Antiques - tools
            small furniture, glassware, collectibles

This selling area is very popular!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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