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21st Annual Popplewood 4H Ringle Harvest Day Vendor Map

Ringle Harvest Day -21st Annual Vendor Map

Ringle Harvest Day - Vendor Map

This is the Ringle Town Hall - on Town Hall Road off of Cty Hwy Q.  This area is where the Popplewood 4-H food stand, Good Samaritan Apostolic Church, COW Curds of Wisconsin, K & M Concessions, RC Kettle Corn "N" More.  

In the 4-H area will be:  Ewe & Herb, LLC
                                            Weisenberger Honey 

Next to this building starts with the # booths on the blacktop of the Ringle Town Hall.

Booth #: 20' x 20'
1.  Judy Pliske
2. Margaret Larson
(on blacktop by food 20'x 20' across from booth #1 & 2 - up to gas tank)
Extra:  Penny Esker
Extra:  Marcy Stenstrom
Extra:  Bob Pautz
Extra: Anna Kloth - inside the town hall - 
Extra:  Virgil Wenzel
(#3-10 - 10' on blacktop 10' on gravel deep)
3.  Gem Leash
4. Pat Champine
5. Phil Heineke/Scott Ebben
6.   Debbie Williams 
7.  Sarah Lange & Brian Kitchen 
8.  Dawn Hendrickson
9.  Barb Woller
9 1/2 :  Kaci Kalbes
Extra:  Mary Dorschak
Extra: Curtis Wilson
Extra:  Shawn Kinney

(these booths are 10' x 40' along salt shed)
10.  Mary Janesn
11.   Mary Jansen
12.  John Grunewald
13.  John Grunewald

In the middle of the parking lot 20' x 20' booth #: 

14.  Pam Zahn
15.  Pam Zahn
16.  Sarah Nauman
17. Richard Murdzek
18. Richard Murdzek
19.  Cathy Meyer
20.  Lenny Pingle

Along the parking lot south side booths #21-26 20' x 20'
21.  Pat Drews
22.  Pat Drews
23.  Joyce Habeck
24.  Joyce Habeck
25.  Ken Bierhals
26.  Ken Bierhals

Across the street from the Ringle Town Hall is the Mountain Bay Parking lot area.  The grassy field is booths #27 - 34 they are 20'x 20':

27.  Barb Hammons & Pam Jones
28.  Barb Hammons & Pam Jones
29.  Barb Hammons & Pam Jones
30.  Barb Hammons & Pam Jones
31.  Heidi Roloff
32.   Martha Merrill
33.   Amanda Sheedy
34.  Pearl Hetzel

Directly across the street from the Town Hall in the grass is the petting zoo and booths #35-37 (generous 20' x 20')

35.  Sally Smith
36.  Renee Borth
37.  Renee Borth

In the Mountain Bay Trail gravel parking lot are booths #38 - 52.  These are a generous 20' x 20' 

***IN THE GRASS - ME...Town Hall Trinkets, LLC
Extra:  Anna Doll
38.  Renee Radcliffe
39.  John Litza
40.  Holly Sullivan
41.   Tessa Rick
42.   Mike Burlingame
43.  Gene Bousley
44.  Gary Bousley
45.  Don Guse
46.  B.J. Carden
47.  Amanda Nowak
48.  Vesely Family
49.  Patty Zernecke
50.  Catherine BeCraft
Extra:  Diane & Gustave Weller
Maybe:  Lynn Mulder
51.  Caretaker's Cottage
52.  Caretaker's Cottage

Then you walk through the walking path over the Mountain Bay Trail and into the grassy field that is fenced in.  These are booths #53 - 72 they are about 20' x 20':

On the Mountain Bay Trail - Photography - Taylor Vreeland 
53.  Tim Maas
54.  Tim Maas
55.  Uffdahhh
56.  Uffdahhh
57.  Lawrence Stickney
58.  Richard Wentzel
59.  JoAnna Stockinger
60. Calista Wendt
61.  Calista Wendt
62.  Aunt Sharon
63.  "Lori Ullenbrauck" - her family
64.  R& R Creations
65.   Kathy & Mike Klement
66.  Gary Kickbusch
67.  Michelle & Kevin
68.  Pat & Mike Krohn
69.  Sue Janz
70.  Phil Rowell
71.  Nancy Hackbarth
72.  Gary Krueger

Then on the outside of that fenced in area on 1st Ave. are booths #73 - 77 With names spray painted on the ground for Xtas on the end....these are 10' x 40' sell to middle of road

Xtra:  Xtra:    Matt & Julie Waldvogel
Xtra:  Destiny Hornik
73.  Jon Rossmiller
74.   Two Distressed Chicks
75.   Amanda Vollerdorf
76.  BeGypsy Creations - Kleman
77.  Klare Yarish

Xtra booths  on Hemlock:  these are 10' x 40' and sell to middle of road

Xtra:  Lisa Conard
Xtra:  Richard Wentzel
Xtra:  Christopher Schulz
Xtra:  Barbara Brunner

This area is by the old town garage - the Ringle Fire Department will have their food stand here, and Maple Street are the following booths #78-88 these are 20' x 20':

Booth #
78.  Berg
79.  Berg
80.  John's Tradin Shack
81.  John's Tradin Shack
82.  Hatley & Ringle VFW
83.  Edi Calderan     
84.  Wilson Creek Orchard
85.   Andrea Hippe
86.   Cheryl D.
87.   Marlene Wepner
88.  Audre' & Ray Hanson

Then going down 1st Avenue are booths #89-93  these are 10' x 40' sell to middle of road

89.  Kasen's Bittersweet Anitiques
90.  Leonard Cegielski
91.  Louie & Friends
92.  Louie & Friends
93.  Louie & Friends

Then going up Birch Street to 2nd Avenue we have booths 94-98.  These are 10' x 40' 

Xtra Booth:  
94.    Schofield Coin & Hobby, LLC
95.   Tammy Kittel   
96.   Shelly Karcz
97.   Greg & Linda Wincentsen
98.  Jennifer Wichlacz

99.  Theresa Harvey
100.  Theresa Harvey

Now at the corner of 2nd Ave and Birch is this garage

And this grassy field - this is a new selling area.  The booths will be 20' x 20' or so... Sellers in here are:

101:  Kathy Springberg
102:  Northwoods Beard  Co.
103:  Tracy Krueger - Lip Sense
104:  Don Duchow
105:  Sue B. - Whirling Durvish
106:  Roger Bickford
108:  Lori Lewis - LuLaRoe

This map is subject to change.  Booths will be marked by Friday at noon.   

If you do NOT see your name on here and you do not have a booth.  Should you have any questions you can call me, Jacky at (715) 297-0197.    

Pray for good weather - blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Monday, August 14, 2017

21st Annual Ringle Harvest Day - 2017 Vendor Contract

Hello, my name is Jacky Luetschwager and I do this as a volunteer - this is our 4-H group's main fundraiser.  Our club does this to support our community and create a fun event.  Vendor fees are put back into this event for advertising, promotion, petting zoo and such.  The 4-H's food stand from this event is basically our club's operating budget for the year.  We offer our members an educational scholarship for use during the calendar year based on our sales.  


Vendors please complete and submit the appropriate form via the mail or email.  It is easy to do, just copy and paste and print or copy and paste and send to me in an email.  You may send me the vendor fees via the mail or you may choose to pay via an invoice I can send you from my paypal account.  We NEED your help by sharing our information, posts and photos on your social media sites.


Ringle Harvest Day is ALWAYS the 2nd Saturday in October.  This year it is October 14, 2017.  The event is from 9-3 - however, there are shoppers before the sun comes up.


This is an outside event, held rain, snow or shine.  ALL  fees are prepaid and non refundable.  Vendors set up in all the open and green spaces in addition to the sides of roads in our small rural town.  With this in mind, you may set up on Friday, October 13 from noon - dark.  Many vendors do this, some just come and set up tables, others sleep here - it's up to you.  We do not have security for this event, so if you choose to do so, we, Town of Ringle or Popplewood 4-H are NOT  responsible for damaged or missing items.   You also may set up on Saturday, October 14, 2017 - sale date - as soon as it is light out.  PLEASE be here, setting up your booth NO LATER than 8 am.  We close down the streets so there will be NO thru traffic after 8 am.


If you had a booth here the previous year, you have first option for that same booth.  I try my best to accommodate requests, but it isn't always possible.  Your booth will either be 20'x20' or 10'x40' and the number will be spray painted on the grass, gravel or blacktop.  Once payment is received, I will send you your booth number with a map.  All booths are $25 if paid by September 30th, $35 if paid after October 1, 2017 and if I have to chase you down for your booth fee on the day of the event - your booth will be $50.  Sorry, but last year I was away from my booth 2 hours doing just that....I can't do that anymore....I'm sure you understand, with the size of this event, it is too hard.


No sales of animals, firearms, alcohol and food (unless you are an approved food vendor).  We are a kid friendly, family fun event - please let your inventory and actions reflect that.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2017  9-3

Name:  ______________________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________________________

Business Name:  _______________________________________________________

Email:  ______________________________________________________________

Facebook page:  ______________________________________________________

Website:  ____________________________________________________________

Instagram:  ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number (Cell preferred):  _________________________________________

Merchandise:  ________________________________________________________



Payment sent to:  Town Hall Trinkets, LLC (my business as the 4H can NOT collect it)
                             R4679 Town Hall Road
                             Ringle, WI 54471
                                           or via email:
Reminder:  I can also send you an invoice for vendor fees from my paypal account. Just request it.