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23rd Annual Ringle Harvest Day Vendor Map

23rd Annual Ringle Harvest Day, October 12, 2019 Vendor Map

This is the Ringle Town Hall - on Abt Rd off of Cty Hwy Q -. This area is where the Popplewood 4-H food stand, Good Samaritan Apostolic Church, COW Curds of Wisconsin, K & M Concessions, RC Kettle Corn "N" More.  

In the 4-H area will be:  Ewe & Herb, LLC
                                            Straight From The Hives Honey 

Next to this building starts with the # booths on the blacktop of the Ringle Town Hall.

Booths:  (20' x 20' blacktop  - next to this end of town garage)

**1.  Geri Armijo - Tupperware (Fundraiser for Popplewood 4H too)

Booths 3-10:  (20' x 20' - 1/2 gravel 1/2 blacktop)

**3.  Ron & JoAnn Liszewski - collectibles, fishing, sporting, misc.
**4.  Mike & Pam Haefner - misc. 
**5.  Philip Heinecke - beer steins, mirrors, trays, Nascar, Coke, vintage glass, crocks
**6.  S&B Scents & More - candle warmers, soy melts, hnad towels, glassware, Pyrex
**7.  Shared space with S&B Scents/Dawn & Jeff
**8.  Dawn & Jeff - Pyrex, FireKing, jars, zinc lids, signs, benches, vintage furniture
**9.  Barb Woller & Barb Maier - Wooly B's - wool crafts, painted items
**10. Kaci Kalbes - Electrically Vintae 360 - old things to new life; book purses, book page ornaments
**11.  Mary Dorschak - collectibles, vintage, antiques, misc.

Booths 15(10' x 40' blacktop along the salt shed)

**15.  Mary Jansen - seasonal holiday decor, craft supplies, scrap book paper

Booths 16- 18 ( 20 ' x 20' )

**16.  Mary Jansen - Halloween treats, canned veggies, carmel apples
**17.  John Grunewald - Picker's Paradise - Farm collectibles
**18.  John Grunewald - bottles, tools, misc.

Booths 19-25: (20' x 20' blacktop up the middle of the parking lot to the gas tank)

19.  ? Appleton Guy - didn't catch his name....sorry
**20.  Pam Zahn - Falcon Valley Pottery - hand built pottery LOOK in Town Hall For Her 
**21.  Taneal Strassburger - Senegence total beauty care with Taneal
**22.  Joan & Richard Murdzek
**23.  Joan & Richard Murdzek
**24.  Shawn Kinney - musical instruments, pictures, bird houses, feeders, planters
**25.  Jodi Kreager - Pampered Chef

GAS TANK  Booths 26-29 (20' x 20' blacktop)

**26.  Brenda Stauske - Aloe based skin, hair, body care products, cleaning
**27.  Sarah Geiger - Euca-Mist
**28.  Jacqui & Penny Esker - crochet and sewn items
29.  (Jacqui & Penny Esker)

Booths 30-35 ( 20' x 20' blacktop along the south side of parking lot next to road)

**30.  John & Pat Drews - chainsaw art
**31.  John & Pat Drews - vintage, antique tools, collectibles
**32.  Joyce Habeck - blankets
**33.  Joyce Habeck - capes, hats
**34.  Ken Bierhals - vintage, antique tools
**35.  Ken & Ann Bierhals - glass, collectibles, vintage, 

Booths 36-46 (20' x 20' grass, across road from town hall, surrounding Mt. Bay parking lot)

**36.  Pam Jones - honey
**37.  Pam Jones - handmade items, vintage
**38.  Barb Hammons - handmade and vintage
**39.  Barb Hammons - collectibles
**41.  Felicia Lepak -  Wanderlust Dust 
**42.  Annie Wielock - handmade mittens, barb wire art, antiques, pumpkins, gourds
**43.  Ira & Pearl Hetzel - antiques, vintage, jewelry
**44.  Cheryl Dempsey - little bit of everything
**45.  Debbie Williams - 
46.  (too wet this year....)

PETTING ZOO AREA - Kraft's Kuddly Kritters
Mountain Bay Parking Lot - Booths 47 - 61 (20' x 20' gravel)

**47 is me, Jacky the Event Coordinator if you have questions.....
**47.  Jacky Luetschwager, Town Hall Trinkets, LLC - Primitives, antiques, farmhouse
**48.  Anna Doll,  Stone Silo Bakery - granola, caramel apples, bread
Face Painting - Roadside Youth Ministries
**49.  Holly Sullivan - Antiques 
**50.  Back 40 Custom - handcrafted furniture, boxes, frames
**51.  Heartland Hemp Family Farms 
**52.  Gary Boushley - sports, plaque, bobble heads
**53.  Gene Boushley - sport items
54.  Ted Huart - Flea Junk
**55.  Amanda Nowak - Sunshine Gifts - jewelry, solar dancers, beads
**56.  B.J. Carden - rusty primitives, farm, barnboard, baskets, toys, 
**57.  David Kettunen - handmade wooden crafts
**58.  Ethan, Emmett & Grady Pond; Reid, Will & Ella Budleski - All Handmade fishing, birdhouse
**59.  Patti Zernicke - Rusty pumpkin gas cans, wood crafts, folk art
St. John's Lutheran Church Youth Group - Apples - fundraiser
**60.  Lisa Alexander, Caretaker's Cottage - farmhouse decor
**61.  Lisa Alexander, Caretaker's Cottage - antiques, good flea junk

Over the Mountain Bay Trail - in this area is a photo shoot area - 
**Captured Memories Photography

Fenced in field - Booths #62 - 81 (20' x 20' grass)

**62.  Tim Maas - Farm antiques
**63.  Tim Maas - Antiques, Vintage, sporting goods
**64.  Russ Erickson, Uffdahhh, LLC - metal signs
**65.  Russ Erickson, Uffdahhh, LLC - metal signs
**66.  Lawrence Stickney - Gifts Old Things Collectibles
67.    (Lawrence & JoAnna - please fill in this gap - thanks.)
**68.  JoAnna Stockinger  - Doterra essential oils, handmade crafts, repurposed furniture
69.  Calista & Melissa - good flea junk
70.  Calista & Melissa - good flea junk
**71.  Lori & et al - good flea junk, Ringle carmels
72.  Too Wet This Year
73.  Too Wet This Year
**74.  Gary Kickbusch - Schoen's beer items, vintage Barbies, milk bottles
**75.  Michelle, Little Bull Falls Soap & Full Moon Curiosities - soap antiques
**76.  Mike Krohn - antiques and misc.
**77.  Sue Janz - household and misc.
**78.  Phil Rowell - tools, toys and Misc.  
**79.  Mary Radtke - Avon and Misc. 
**80.  Nancy Hackbarth - pot holders, magnets, skeletons, doll blankets
81.  Gary Krueger - good flea junk

Booths #82 - 88 (10' x 40' - on Railway Road - park next to fence/sell into middle road)

**82.  Klare's Wares - vintage, kitchen, house ware, tablecloth, linens, vintage fabric
**83.  Klare's Wares ( Booth 82 too wet...so use them both)
**84.  Carol Clure - silk flowers, homemade jewelry
**85.  Sue Westergaard - alpaca, llama, wool supplies, Sheep...to pet, spining demonstration
**86.  Misty Steliga - Vintage dolls and more
**87.  Destiny Hornik - crochet baby, child, kitchen, sewn bowls, aprons
**88.  Kirk Jaraczewski - cloting, bird feeders, wind chimes, hats, boots

Booths #89 - 92 ( 10' x 40' on Herald Dr. - park on side road, sell into middle)

**89.  Marcia Zeunges - wood working projects, baby items, pet pads, pillows
**90.  Tim & Katie Vankilsdonk - Fall Decor
**91.  Tim & Katie Vankilsdonk - Antiques
**92.  Tim & Katie Vankilsdonk - Fishing/Hunting
XTRA booth:

Booths #93 - 96 (20' x 20' on the west side of Mercer St. on grassy corner)

**93.  John's Tradin Shack - jewelry
**94.  John's Tradin Shack - Antiques, Collectibles, toys
**95.  John Rossmiller, Jon's Vintage Junk - old items, beer signs, sporting goods
**96.  Sharon Rothman - good flea junk

East side of Mercer Street - Ringle Fire Dept. Food Stand
Booths #97 - 103 (20' x 20' on gravel and grass - pull your vehicle up in grass)

*97.  VFW
**98.  Jo Barath - doll clothes, crafts
**99.  Wilson Creek Orchard - apples and cider
**100.  Andrea Hippe, Hippe Homestead - goat milk products, crochet items 
**101.  Fudge's Creations - cupcakes & cookies
**102.  Barb Block - wood snowmen, wood crafts one of a kinds
**103.  Audre' & Ray Hanson - antiques, vintage, good flea

This is the corner - Railway to the west all the way to Cty Hwy Q 
Booths:  #104 - 110 (10' x 40' park on side of road, sell into the middle)

**104.  Kassen's Bittersweet Antiques - antiques and primitives
**homehowner's booth
**105.  Leonard Cegielski
**106.  Louis Knapowski, Backwoods Gifts & Crafts - metal yard art
**107.  Louis Knapowski - antiques, tools, 
108.  Carol Kubsch - mums in logs, antiques, collectibles, concrete planters
**109.  Theresa Harvey - vintage utensils, albums, wood crates, decor
**110.  Theresa Harvey - metal cabinets, advertising, industrial, farm junk

Corner of Railway and Palmer St. all the way up to the Church
Booths:  #111 - 121 (10' x 40' Palmer Street)

**111.  Jennifer & Bernice Wichlacz - "lots of goodies"
**112.  Greg & Linda Wincentsen - collectibles, antiques, little bit of everything
**113.  Chuck Ring - antiques & collectibles
**114.  Tammy Kittle - sweater mittens, wood painted crafts, mug rugs, Christmas
**115.  Abrielle Krumrie, The Joy of Cake - cupcakes
Hula Hut - BBQ Food Truck

Corner of Brickyard and Palmer - cross over Palmer on way to church

**116.  Resident complaint - moved
**117.  Resident complaint - moved
Resident Driveway (not the family that complains...teehee)
**118.  Sheli Leher - Pampered Chef
**119.  The Cookie Lady - Breads, bars, scones, crochet items
Pastor's Driveway
On this Corner as it rounds to Chapel will be:
Pizza Kiln
XTRA booths all the way to Mercer St. These are 10' x 40' in front of the Chruch.
Park on south side road sell into middle of road facing church

XTRA X1:  Leilani Neumann - fall scarves, hats, furniture, window valances, this and that 
XTRA X2:  Sandra Warrington & Lauren Barrett
XTRA X3:  Priscilla Clendenning
XTRA X4: Lisa Conard
**XTRA X5:  Do North Brand
**XTRA X6:  Sally Manitta - Log House Antiques
XTRA X7:  Sally Manitta - Log  House Antiques

"Grassy Knoll" Booths #121 - 134 (20' x 20' grass)
These booths start behind a line behind maple tree and Brandon's garage and Brandon's friends set up in front of this - leave a driveway space to get back to the booths please)

121.  Shawn - The Sunday Place - CAR
122.  Shawn - The Sunday Place
**123.  J.B. Speith - Ye Old Punke Shoppe - steam punk, gamer, scifi
**124.  Cathy Meyer - collectibles, antiques, 50' 60's kitchen, primitives, fall decor
**125.  Brooke Mueller - Old Soul Decor  - hand stenciled hand painted barnwood signs
**126.  Liz Kordus - Wooden Plaques, Wreaths, Holiday Decorations
XTRA - Fred Bergman - Antiques & Collectibles
XTRA - Fred Bergman -  Antiques & Collectibles
**127.  Angela Copeland & Joel Conti - antiques & junk
**128.  Amy Gumtz - Sparkles Paarazzi
**129.  Jacqui Fons - All natural soap, sprays, xmas, seasonal decor, bath bombs, new purses
**130.  Melisa Polzin - Soy Candles, knit items, doll house, tie dye, plaques, cookie cutters
**131.  Sue Erickson - wreaths, polar bears, knitted items, gloves, mason jar creations
132. Jo Barret - weaths, seasonal decor, doll clothes

Google still has old addresses...

Street names have changed....but this is our little town...

Monday, August 12, 2019

23rd Annual Ringle Harvest Day - VENDOR CONTRACT

23rd Annual Ringle Harvest Day - Saturday, October 12, 2019


FOOD VENDORS CALL:  (715) 297-0197  

23rd Annual Ringle Harvest Day - 2019 Vendor Contract

Hello, my name is Jacky Luetschwager and I do this as a volunteer - this is our 4-H group's main fundraiser.  Our club does this to support our community and create a fun event.  Vendor fees are put back into this event for advertising, promotion, petting zoo and such.  The 4-H's food stand from this event is basically our club's operating budget for the year.  We offer our members an educational scholarship for use during the calendar year based on our sales.


Vendors please complete and submit the appropriate form via the mail or email.  It is easy to do, just copy and paste and print or copy and paste and send to me in an email.  You may send me the vendor fees via the mail or you may choose to pay via an invoice I can send you from my paypal account.  We NEED your help by sharing our information, posts and photos on your social media sites.


Ringle Harvest Day is ALWAYS the 2nd Saturday in October.  This year it is October 12, 2019.  The event is from 9-3 - however, there are shoppers before the sun comes up.   Your booth number will be forwarded to you on or before October 7.  All the roads in Ringle have new names, so I have to redo the map - again.  I do hold checks or will not bill via paypal for the new vendors until I see if I have room - if I don't, you will receive your payment back.


This is an outside event, held rain, snow or shine.  ALL  fees are prepaid and non refundable.  Vendors set up in all the open and green spaces in addition to the sides of roads in our small rural town.  With this in mind, you may set up on Friday, October 11 from noon - dark.  Many vendors do this, some just come and set up tables, others sleep here - it's up to you.  We do not have security for this event, so if you choose to do so, we, Town of Ringle or Popplewood 4-H are NOT  responsible for damaged or missing items.   You also may set up on Saturday, October 12, 2019 - sale date - as soon as it is light out.  PLEASE be here, setting up your booth NO LATER than 8 am.  We close down the streets so there will be NO thru traffic after 8 am.


If you had a booth here the previous year, you have first option for that same booth.  I try my best to accommodate requests, but it isn't always possible.  Your booth will either be 20'x20' or 10'x40' and the number will be spray painted on the grass, gravel or blacktop.  Once payment is received, I will send you your booth number with a map.  All booths are $30 if paid by September 30th, $40 if paid after October 1.


No sales of animals, firearms, alcohol and food (unless you are an approved food vendor).  We are a kid friendly, family fun event - please let your inventory and actions reflect that.

SPECIAL FEATURE/EVENT:   Ashley, one of our 4H leaders is hosting a "Flea Market Flip" challenge with a $100 award and the event will have a "Junk Scavenger Hunt."  Lots of fun things for all ages. 

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2019  9-3

Name:  ______________________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________________________

Business Name:  _______________________________________________________

Email:  ______________________________________________________________

Facebook page:  ______________________________________________________

Website:  ____________________________________________________________

Instagram:  ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number (Cell preferred):  _________________________________________

Merchandise:  ________________________________________________________



Payment sent to:  Town Hall Trinkets, LLC (my business as the 4H can NOT collect it)
                             225629 Abt Road
                             Ringle, WI 54471
                                           or via email:
Reminder:  I can also send you an invoice for vendor fees from my paypal account. Just request it.