Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The food vendors for Popplewood 4-H 15th Annual Ringle Harvest Day is as follows:

1. Popplewood 4-H - located at the Ringle town hall parking lot with seating inside the hall.
                                   *hot beef (compliments of Country Fresh Meats)
                                   *walking tacos
                                   *coffee & cinnamon rolls (a.m.)

2.  Ringle Fire Department - located inside Scott's Enterprises building (corner of Maple St. &
                                              2nd Ave. - across from post office)
                                              *hot dogs, brats, hamburgers

3.  Something Special from Wisconsin:  French fries and cheese curds (deep fried)
                                                                 in the town hall parking lot

4.  RC Kettle Corn 'N' More:  Kettle corn (what you smell - so good!)
                                                 in the town hall parking lot

5.  Riverside 4-H:  soda, candy  ??? - in town hall parking lot and walking around with
                                                                    wagon to different booths

That is is for now.  Blessings from Ringle, WI         

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