Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vendor Profile: Dan and Sue Janz

Dan and Sue Janz will be in booth #68.  This booth is located in the grassy field that runs along side the Mountain Bay trail.  Dan and Sue have been vendors since the beginning.  They have set up in sunny, rainy, snowy and windy conditions.  We (my girls and I) have so many wonderful memories of Sue and all of our barn kittens.  When the flea market was at our farm, the first thing Sue would do - after she set up their booth :), was go and pick out a barn kitten to hold and take care of all day.....she loved them.  They actually took one of them home as a pet.  I have known Dan since I think 1988 or 1989.  He was the first "flea" friend I made.  I use to see him at all the rummages and auctions and finally one day went up to him and said "hey, who are you?"  The rest is history....  Dan and Sue always have a neat variety of collectible and vintage items.  ALL of which are reasonably priced - so don't think about it and come back will be gone.  I've done this .....   I LOVE you guys!

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