Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vendor Profile: Donna and Bob Mather

Donna and Bob Mather will be in booths #70 & 71.  These booths are located in the grass lot that runs along the Mountain Bay trail.  Bob and Donna have set up as vendors for probably 10 years or more.  This couple has my "funniest story" and memory of this event.  When we use to set up at our farm, the first year Donna and Bob set up, I noticed that they left their van door open while setting up.  I thought to myself, I sure hope a cat doesn't get in there and hide somewhere.  That is "Midnight" she is still going stong - a super mouser and we LOVE her.  However, Midnight, loves to make "nests" in my junk in the pole building.  I often find her sleeping in a box, snuggled up with an old blanket or whatever.  Anyway, I warned check the van before they leave.   Well, the next morning, they returned to their booth and announced that Midnight had spent the night in town and the hotel.  Too funny, right????  Well the next year, I warned them again.....and this time they did check the van.  They left the van here at the farm and went to town in their car.  Well, the next morning, they opened up their van to find that Midnight had spent the night in there and left SEVERAL suprises for them....  You would think that this would have stopped them from ever setting up again - but, they are true "TROOPERS' and have been back every year.   Bob and Donna have a variety of VERY nice antiques to include furniture, lodge/cabin decor, primitives and farm tools.  I have bought many of my own personal favorite antiques from them. 

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