Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vendor Profile: Leona Davidowski - Leona's Country Kitchen

Leona Davidowski - Leona's Country Kitchen will be located next to the Popplewood 4-H food booth.   So, we call her Grandma Davidowski, we first met Leona when her grandson Dustin was in kindergarten with our daughter Justine.  They both are now 19.  A fond memory my kids have of Leona is that she use to have a rummage sale almost every year when they were little.  When you would stop at her sale - she would invite you in and feed you.  She makes REALLY good chicken soup - you know the old fashioned way, that only a Polish Grandma can make, homemade bread and butter and cookies.  Her "homestead" was on the corner of Club House and River Roads.  I use to pass her place twice a day every day in the school year taking my girls to Riverside Elementary.  Talk about a garden!  She use to have one of the best gardens (next to my Dad's) that I knew of - hours and hours of work - she would always wave from her garden as you drove bye.  Leona sells her homemade breads and canned goods.  She does this to raise money for local charities (Heart of Gold) last year it was the Wausau Women's Community.  Here is newspaper picture from last year.

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